Marketing Content and Social Media

Marketing Content and Social Media Specialist

Key Responsibilities: Email Campaigns and Automation, Online Communities, Facebook Ads, Social Media Posts (FB, IG, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and Promotions

As a Content Marketing Specialist in online retail company, my main objective is engagement and conversion. I did an extensive research on the target audience and competitors and come up with a marketing strategy for marketing campaigns which includes, but not limited to, email campaigns and automation, social media posts and ads, and landing pages.

Skill Highlight: Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Omnisend), BigCommerce, Content Calendar, Copywriting, Facebook Ads Management, Google Ads, Canva

These are some examples of the design of email marketing and automation.

Social Media Intern – The Dirty Seahorse (September – December 2020) and DotKeet (October 2020 – January 2021)

The Dirty Seahorse is a Toronto-based eco-friendly clothing company, creating apparel from plastics recovered from landfills and oceans.

Dotkeet is an online company creating customized fashion items

In this role, I was responsible for Content calendar, engagement strategy, hashtag strategy, content creation for Instagram

These are some examples of the social media posts I created

Social Media Manager – English Department, Petra Christian University

These are some of the Instagram posts which I planned, took pictures for, wrote, designed, and published on the English Department account (@english.pcu)

I worked as a full-time lecturer since 2012, and in 2018, a colleague and I saw the gaping hole in communication between the Department and the current and future students. So we set up an Instagram account, brainstormed a rough content plan, and played the rest by ear.

I was also both a full time lecturer and in a management position, so I learned to wear many hats and kept the account alive, interesting, and interactive for the Gen-Z students. I analyzed, planned, interviewed subjects, took pictures, and designed the content, and replied comments and messages from students, alumnae, and parents.

The account was a success (if you are interested in numbers: a 4% engagement rate, and a 15% increase in Customer Satisfaction Index on communication).